• Advanced Collaborative Practice Workshop - Brisbane

Advanced Collaborative Practice Workshop - Brisbane

  • 28 Nov 2019
  • Brisbane

Advanced Collaborative Practice Workshop - Brisbane

Clarissa Rayward from Happy Lawyer Happy Life is offering QACP members a '2 for 1' deal for the last Advanced Collaborative Practice Workshop for 2019 on Thursday 28 November. Use the code 'twoforone' to access the deal.

Have you completed the Introductory Collaborative Training Program but the work is still not rolling in the door? Are you looking to refine your Collaborative Skills? Well this workshop is for you!

This workshop will cover-

  • Show me the Collaborative Matters! Positive priming every step along the way
  • E.I and the Numbers! (Presented by Financial Neutral, Lynda McKie)
  • You are so Not Collaborative! Managing the non-collaborative, collaborative professional (including you!)
  • Neuroscience for lawyers and the amygdala Hijack- why we must stop the hijack
  • Sitting with conflict- how to find the issue not the feeling and why that matters in collaborative practice
  • Building your Collaborative Practice- (aka a few marketing basics!)
For more information and to register click here.

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